Kompetansebedriften AS

3M Speedglass 9100 MP sveiseskjerm med 9100XX svei

14.634 NOK

3M™ Speedglas™ 9100 MP Welding & Safety Helmet with Adflo™ Powered respirator with auto-darkening welding filter and a 17 x 10 cm clear visor for weld preparations. Five levels of welder protection: head, eye, face, respiratory and hearing into one system.


  • Uncompromising and comfortable, all-in-one, welding protection for highly demanding environments
  • Flip-up Speedglas 9100 Series welding filters, shade 5, 8, 9-13
  •     Big, curved protective visor for excellent view
  • TH3-classed respiratory protection (EN 12941)
  • Comfortable safety helmet (EN 397)
  • Optional 3M™ Peltor™ Earmuffs

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